Spiral high-speed industrial doors are new, technologically advanced doors designed to better separate different working areas, characterised by a different acoustic and thermal intensity or intended for different uses. These doors are extremely versatile and are:

- Spiral doors, including ISO40, ISO40 LH, ISO80, AIR FLOW and COVER models. These doors are the best quality products of our range, both for their design and for the materials used, ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Spiral doors are the ideal solution for:
- all those sectors requiring the partition of different working environments, for which Spiral ISO40 and Spiral ISO40 LH models were designed (the latter is also available for civil use, such as garages)
- Refrigeration, requiring maximum thermal insulation and fast opening and closing operations, a problem that can be solved by our Spiral ISO80 model;
- any type of industry that requires air flow between different environments (such as garages and multi-storey car parks), a problem that can be solved by our Spiral Air Flow model;
- any type of industry where loading and unloading areas must be properly covered to preserve materials, a problem that can be solved by our Spiral Cover model.

  • Excellent quality, reliability and safety, as stated by our patents and certificates
  • Great versatility, flexibility and structural strength
  • CSI certificates
  • Reduced overall dimensions, thanks to the curved profile of our roll-up doors
  • Small footprint
  • Noiseless opening and closing system
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Wind resistance
  • Designed to solve different industrial logistics problems
  • No ceiling anchor, unlike traditional sectional doors
  • Simple design
  • No extraordinary maintenance required, just the ordinary maintenance required by the rules in force
  • Easy to install
  • Easy and fast handling operations (means, materials and people)
  • High-quality packaging with the use of polystyrene boxes
  • Compliance with technical standards provided by law
  • Self-repairing doors
  • Industrial products that guarantee the same quality craftsmanship of Made in Italy
  • Product branding on request
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