Industrial refrigeration doors

Our company designs, manufactures and installs large industrial doors for refrigerating rooms, offering the same attentive technical support offered for other products.
When goods need to be moved from one area to another characterised by a different temperature, this operations must be carried out as fast as possible, not to compromise the quality of goods. Many industries, such as the pharmaceutical and biological industries and the food industry as well, use refrigerating rooms to preserve goods or some specific phases of the production process. For example, the sensors used for astronomical telescopes must be cooled before being installed.
Our products are designed to preserve both temperature and humidity conditions of a refrigerating room and ensure safe and smooth operations. Our insulated roll-up doors, indeed, through the use of advanced technologies, ensure the preservation of temperature and humidity conditions of a refrigerating room. Just contact us to decide, together with our team, what is the best solution for your needs.

High speed doors BMP for Industrial refrigeration

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