Supermarket doors

Our company designs, manufactures and installs large industrial doors for mass retailers, offering the same attentive technical support offered for other products.
Mass retailers are often characterised by adjoining warehouses and public areas. That is why installing safe and reliable high-speed doors is extremely important. Mass retailers, indeed, must comply with minimum requirements to protect both their staff and people in general. At supermarkets, for example, customers usually stand close to transit areas.
Moreover, as for the food industry in general, hygiene and safety controls are carried out on a regular basis. Finally, areas with significant temperature differences must be carefully separated, as well as dangerous areas (forklifts or pallet trucks in transit) and those characterised by noise pollution sources (meat machinery).
Our high-speed doors specially designed for mass retailers are safe, functional and characterised by a beautiful design. But, what is more important, they ensure rapid and safe opening and closing operations, thanks to a special photocell monitoring system, as required by current regulations.
Our roll-up doors are the ideal solution in this case, since they ensure high speed, durability and insulation, as well as the ideal separation of different areas.

High speed doors BMP for Supermarkets

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