Industry & heavy industry

Our company designs, manufactures and installs technologically advanced industrial doors to meet the needs of any sector, including highly specialised sectors, such as the chemical and the engineering industries, aerospace engineering, the automotive sector, textile, construction and pharmaceutical industries and so on, and offers an attentive after-sales support service.
Our functional solutions are designed to ensure smooth and safe transit operations for all industries. Opening large and heavy folding doors several times a day is a considerable loss of time. The biggest challenge for all industries, and in particular for heavy and engineering industries, is the removal of barriers that obstruct the passage between one area and another, both to speed up operations and to prevent accidents at work.
Moreover, the fast pace of production does not allow an accurate maintenance of industrial doors and shutters. Finally, areas characterised by different temperatures must be carefully separated, as well as dangerous areas and those characterised by noise pollution.
Our company offers custom solutions to solve all these problems, ensuring rapid and safe opening and closing operations, without compromising on quality.
Our shutters, characterised by reduced overall dimensions and with no earth connection, make transit operations from an area to another easy and safe. Just contact us to decide, together with our team, what is the best solution for your needs.

High speed doors BMP for Industry & heavy industry

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