Pack high-speed roll-up doors are the technical evolution of old, heavy doors designed to close large spaces, now obsolete and not suited to today's industrial needs.

Pack doors are safe and fast, able to withstand strong winds and to ensure safe opening and closing operations within large spaces. They consist of a frame made of steel bars covered with PVC, able to withstand very strong winds (up to 150 km/h for Pack doors and even stronger winds for MegaPack doors). The resistive safety edge fitted to the bottom edge of the door and its barriers make this product extremely flexible, which is ideal for frequent and safe opening and closing operations.

Pack doors are the ideal solution for:
- the Composting industry, where the major problem is the isolation of organic matter producing foul-smelling odours, which attracts insects and other animals. A problem that can be solved by our Pack Composting model;
- Airports-Ports, where usually large vehicles must be stored and preserved within hangars, to be properly closed. Pack Industry and MegaPack models can both solve this problem;
- all those sectors where large spaces must be properly closed and withstand strong winds, through the use of Pack Industria and MegaPack models;
- sectors requiring the use of Overhead travelling cranes, to easily and safely move goods from the inside to the outside and vice versa, where large spaces used to handle and process goods must be carefully closed. A problem that can be solved by our Pack Crane model;

Our Pack and MegaPack roll-up doors are controlled by a three-phase 380v control panel. They were designed for intensive and continuous use in industrial environments.

  • Excellent quality, reliability and safety, as stated by our patents and certificates
  • Great versatility, flexibility and structural strength
  • CSI certificates
  • Reduced overall dimensions, thanks to the curved profile of our roll-up doors
  • Small footprint
  • Noiseless opening and closing system
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Wind resistance
  • Designed to solve different industrial logistics problems
  • No ceiling anchor, unlike traditional sectional doors
  • Simple design
  • No extraordinary maintenance required, just the ordinary maintenance required by the rules in force
  • Easy to install
  • Easy and fast handling operations (means, materials and people)
  • High-quality packaging with the use of polystyrene boxes
  • Compliance with technical standards provided by law
  • Self-repairing doors
  • Industrial products that guarantee the same quality craftsmanship of Made in Italy
  • Product branding on request
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