Composting doors

Our company designs, manufactures and installs large industrial doors for the composting industry, offering the same attentive technical support offered for other products.
Compost is organic matter that has been decomposed and recycled as a fertilizer and soil amendment. Technically, it is an aerobic biological process, monitored by men, which leads to the production of a mixture of humified organic matter (compost).
Composting sites or sites dealing with organic materials in the process of decomposition, attracts insects and other animals and this problem becomes more serious in the summer or in those areas characterised by high humidity or high temperatures. Moreover, composting companies produce foul-smelling odours which are definitely unpleasant, since they can reach the nearby areas. The best thing to do in this case, is isolating the areas where the processed material is stored, while allowing the access of large bulldozers and buckets.
Large storage areas, such as those of the composting industry, require large openings for heavy vehicles and goods in transit. However, to prevent unpleasant odours from reaching the nearby areas, the same openings must be equipped with high-quality insulated doors.
Our products meet all the needs of this sector, providing safe and rapid solutions designed to ensure smooth and safe operations, as well as high speed, durability and insulation, without compromising on quality.

High speed doors BMP for Composting industry

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