Car washes doors

Our company designs, manufactures and installs large industrial doors for car washes, offering the same attentive technical support offered for other products.
The major problem of automatic car washes that use brushes is atomized water which, in the medium-long term, creates muscle and joint problems for people who come in contact with it on a regular basis. The same problem affects all workers in several different sectors who are in direct contact with water. That is why preserving the area where brushes and atomized water are used is extremely important, to avoid the onset of physical pain due to water exposure.
Preserving facilities at night to prevent vandalism through the use of reliable and cutting-edge technologies is also crucial.
Our products meet all these needs, providing safe and rapid solutions designed to ensure smooth and safe operations, as well as high speed, durability and insulation. They are designed to protect both people and facilities, without compromising on quality.

High speed doors BMP for Car washes

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