Airport and Naval doors

Our company designs, manufactures and installs large industrial doors for airports and ports, offering the same technical support offered for other products.
Airports and ports require the use of high-quality industrial doors to ensure smooth and rapid transit operations. Airport hangars and naval bases must preserve their means from adverse weather conditions (frost, wind, hail, storms) and meet specific operational needs (especially armed forces, the police and civil protection). However, the operations to be carried out within these facilities can not be impaired, especially those near transit areas.
Another problem is noise pollution: noise mitigation becomes crucial in this field.
Our products are designed to solve all these problems and ensure safe and smooth operations. Our insulated roll-up doors are designed to reduce the impact of wind, thus preserving all operations. Moreover, they ensure high speed, durability, insulation and noise reduction, thus solving all problems in the best way. Finally, reliability is a key element of our products.

High speed doors BMP for Airports and Naval ports

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